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TUTIA is leading Sudanese company providing information technology services consulting , implementing and support. It envisioned and instigated the adoption of the flexible technology practices to operate efficiently and produce more value



Using TUTIA VPNs is extremely important for any modern business which has a flexible and mobile workforce. As TUTIA VPN helps you protect business data by keeping a secure company network and internet connection. Which in turn, allows you to ensure and maintain high levels of privacy and security.
This is especially helpful in the world of small businesses, which usually have limited resources to devote to managing security. Fortunately, there are business VPNs out there which are a breeze to set up and manage, plus they can be scaled to fit the organization’s needs as it grows.


Access company resource remotely:
TUTIA VPN team gives your coworkers the ability to reach company database, online tools, and work accounts wherever they are. Provide your remote workforce with seamless access to company networks and resources.

Work safety on any Wi-Fi network:
Whether you connect from an airport or from your hotel room, TUTIA VPN team ensures that your online data is safe from cyber threats. Protect yourself and your team members from the risk of connecting to unsecured public hotspots.

Dedicated company servers:
Ensure smooth performance with high speed business VPN servers dedicated for your company’s use only. Secure team’s access to various resources with static IP addresses.

With dedicated servers, you will get assigned the same IP address every time you connect to the TUTIA network. This way, you can effortlessly access both your corporate resources and any P-sensitive online website or service.

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